James and Leigh will be running a workshop about the different copyright licensing options; and how to find, use and contribute free and open media resources, including images, slides, and audio/video.

Be in 7D4 (computer lab) at the University of Canberra from 1-3pm on Monday 29 March 2010

More info and resources are on the wiki.

  1. Visit http://open-academia.blogspot.com and do the 5 second survey
  2. Create a Wikiversity account
  3. Introduce your self
  4. Review the main points of the openism and freedom in academia seminar
  5. Tour the Educational Media Awareness Campaign
  6. Look at copyright and free and restricted licenses
  7. How to find free content
  8. Find free content on your topic and add links to Wikiversity
  9. Sign the participant list for this workshop
  10. Showcase - let's see what you found
  11. Feedback - leave comments on the blog or talk page


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